Well, it’s been an amazing 13-months working with some of the most inspiring creatives I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. I can honestly say, this is the best job I’ve ever had, and will forever hold dearly the fleeting time we had together.

Studio Luma an educational dramedy and the world’s first Filmbook curriculum, airing to the students of Regency Beauty Institute. Who knows where it goes from here, but for now- the process has taught me a breadth of knowledge and lessons in being an actor I never thought I would encounter.

There was definitely a point in college where I thought I knew it all. I was at the top of my theatre & improvisational classes and didn’t think there was anything else to do but get to work. Although I’ve been proven wrong many times throughout my career, this job & experience has proven the most humbling. To conclude, I have a lot to learn, and even as I played a character teaching artists and stylists how to navigate a salon, I too learned a great deal.

With that said, it’s on to the next film, creative project and story.

Peace, Love and Smoothies,

PS- Regency went ahead and decided to give Brad, the character I play, a cardboard cutout to prop up at a few Regency campuses. Never did I ever think I’d be face to face with my own 2D likeness.