In February of this year, I auditioned for an on-camera acting role being cast in Minneapolis. The job auditioned actors in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Chicago. Once I made call backs, it soon hit me that if I were to land the job, it would be the biggest role and commitment I’d ever taken on. Lo and behold, I was cast!

From the get, the job was to remain confidential until the company went public with the project. So, now that they’ve gone public, I get to tell you about this new amazing job I’ve been working for the past two months!

Studio Luma is a sitcom educational entertainment series focusing on four hairstylists braving the opening of a new salon. The show provides a moving picture to supplement the world’s first filmbook. The filmbook will serve as a revolutionary educational tool used in cosmetology schools. Don’t know if I can say what exact school it will be functioning in first, so I’ll leave it at that.

All in all, the best part of the job is the people I’m working with. I can’t say enough about the crew, cast, and every person contributing their skill and time to the project. Since we started, I’ve been in absolute awe to watch all the working pieces progress together and move toward the same goal. Couldn’t ask for a better job, and sure as hell couldn’t ask for better co-workers.

Check out all the action here at the new Filmbook site: