I began modeling because I went SAG. I’ve been an actor all my life, but once I enlisted with the Screen Actors Guild after booking my 3rd national commercial, I was no longer able to do non-union acting work, and because I live in Minneapolis, non-union work is 95% of the film acting work. So, the most viable option I pursued in order to get more work was to model. Good idea, right? Well, it turned out to be a success. I was auditioned immediately by Target and added to their catalog of models for seasonal use, as well as a few other companies around town. After shooting numerous gigs with them, I finally found one posted smack dab in the middle of a Target in downtown Minneapolis… as well as every Target across the country. Here are a few pics from the shoot!

And now that I look at it closer… I realize they used a shot where my eyes were closed. Eh, who’s able to tell from that far away in the patio aisle?