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Missionary: Impossible (Comedic Short)    Jeff                                            Dir: Toussaint Morrison
Laramie Loves Cool J (Short)              Laramie (Lead)                                     Dir: Ben McGinley
Tele ICU                                                 Lipman (Lead)                                       Dir: Greg
The Comeback                                      Co-Worker (Support)                          10/10 Productions
Nobody                                                  Big John (Support)                               Dir: Rob Perez, Lindeman Pictures
Letters For Sara                                    Nate (Lead)                                           Dir: Adam J Dunn, Identity Prod.
Lazlo Supreme                                      Arthur Plumby (Lead)                         Dir: Charles Mruz



As You Like It                                        Orlando                                                 Brazil Theatre
Macbeth                                                Macduff                                                 Brazil Theatre
Romeo and Juliet                                 Tybalt                                                     Brazil Theatre
Twelfth Night                                        Sir Toby Belch                                       Brazil Theatre
Whitewashed                                       Danny (Lead)                                        University of MN
Victory                                                   Scrope (Support)                                 University of MN
Embarrassed In Rarig                           William (Lead)                                      University of MN
Pippin                                                     Chorus                                                   South Theatre
How It Is:                                                Chris (Lead)                                           Urban Home Theatre
Thursday Night                                     Jake (Lead)                                            Urban Home Theatre
Nonetheless                                          Leonard (Support)                               Urban Home Theatre
What’ll It Be                                          Jim (Lead)                                              Gestic Theatre – National
Strange Like Me                                   Al                                                            Gestic Theatre – National
National Poetry Slam                           Lead                                                       IPS
Partial listing of 25+ shows


Commercial, Voiceovers, Industrials, CD-Roms, Print

Kmart                                                      Bus Driver                                            National
Target                                                     Model                                                    National
St. George’s University                        Model                                                    International
Zimmer Spinal Care                             Model                                                    International
PBS- Nova Science Now                      Lead                                                       National
Edina Realty                                          Lead                                                       Regional
Target Market                                       Voice Over                                            Regional
University of Minnesota                     Voice Over                                            Regional
Jostens                                                   Co-Star                                                   DVD
Best Buy                                                 Lead                                                       In-Store
Brown College                                      Principal                                               Print
Kohl’s                                                     Employee                                              Stocker


Selected Training

Bachelor of Arts from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis in Theatre.

Acting: Shakespeare, Stanislavski, Deavere Smith, Mamet, Hoch, Beckett, Shaw

On-Camera: Lynn Blumenthal Casting, JR Casting, Babs Casting

Movement & Stage Combat: Margolis Method, Brazil Theatre, Military Knife, Bo staff

Voice & Diction/Speech: Barbara Kingsley, MacPhail School of Music, Thaxter Cunio

Dance: Over 9 years of hip-hop dance training. Break dancing, jazz, tap & modern.

National touring with a live rock band for over 5 years.


Other Skills: Gymnastics, Stage Fighting, Breakdancing, Trombone, Rapping, Slam Poetry, Multiple Forms of English Slang, Spanish and African accents, Track & Field.